Air Quality Remote Lab System / Sniffer drone

The CopterFilms_Air Quality Remote Lab System (CF_AQRLS) provides hyperlocalized pollutants and air quality monitoring combining unmanned aircraft technology. This is where drone technology plus the remotization of environmental sensors and pollutants combine to allow powerful and innovative solutions.

CF_AQRLS Air Unit (DroneSniffer and Sensor Module):
CF_AQRLS DroneSniffer aircraft is a compact quad-rotor multicopter system developed taking into account simplicity of use and mitigation of operational risks which allows to expand the areas of use thanks to its low weight, volume, acoustic signature and ease of transport.

The Sensor Module system detects the presence of pollutants, recording environmental parameters, generating, storing on board and transmitting the detailed report to the ground reception and control station.

Onboard geo & environmental sensors:
GPS, Ublox, refresh rate 5Hz, precision 2.0mts
Temperature, range -40 to 80°C, precision ±0.5°C
Relative Humidity, range 0-100% RH, precision ±2% HR
Atmospheric Pressure, 300~1100 hPa, precision ±1 hPa
Altitude, -680~9100 masl, precision ±0.3mts

Specific sensors:
H2S. Up to 50ppm, resolution <5ppb. Electrochemical
SO2. Up to 20ppm, resolution <20ppb. Electrochemical
NO2. Up to 5ppm, resolution <20ppb. Detection limit <20ppb. O3 filter. Electrochemical
CO. Up to 1000ppm, resolution <100ppb. Detection limit 0.5ppm. Electrochemical
O3. Up to 20ppm, resolution <20ppb. Detection limit <20ppb. Electrochemical
PM1, PM2.5 y PM10 Particulate Matter. Measurement range: 0.3~1.0; 1.0~2.5; 2.5~10µm, resolution 1µm/m3. Detection limit 0.3µm. Laser light scattering detection

Other sensors may be installed under request

We at CopterFilms specialize in industrial inspections and surveys, pioneering in the use of unmanned drone aircraft technology providing services to the Petroleum and Petrochemical industry for more than 15 years.

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