Unmanned drone air quality, pollutant monitoring and mapping

We at CopterFilms have developed and use unmanned aircraft drone technology for hyperlocalized air quality monitoring and surveying.

Traditional monitoring stations usually provide concentrations of pollutants in the air at city or district level so it is not known how contaminants are distributed within that area or at a specific location.
This lack of information prevents effective decision-making regarding air quality. Decisions that impact on people's work and daily life.

On the other hand, portable monitoring systems have limitations in accessibility to risky areas, difficult to access or beyond the reach of the human operator.

Our tools are here to change this... this is where drone technology plus environmental sensor remotization combined together to provide innovative solutions.

Our hyperlocalized air quality survey services are based on the ability to locate an environmental and multigas sensing module adapted to a drone into the three-dimensional space.

This sensor module transmits the readings in real time, at 1hz speed, to a receiving groundstation via a wireless data link, generating a parameterized report as the drone moves through the area being monitored.

This report contains geographical coordinates (GPS), height, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, gas and particulate concentrations (depending on the sensor configuration) of each sample during the entire monitoring flight. You can also reference the samples to a fixed terrestrial coordinate, for example; the distance to a possible source of contamination is recorded, for ex.: Checking Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Monoxide and Sulfide Dioxide emissions at the tip of a working flare.

While we specialize in hyperlocalized surveys using unmanned drone aircraft, our sensors can also be installed on manned land and air vehicles to perform reports with larger sampling scales.

Thus, information on pollutants and atmospheric parameters are collected and georeferenced so that this information can then be analyzed and visualized with precision, supporting decision-making initiatives for governments, organizations, companies, research groups and people alike.

We at CopterFilms specialize in industrial inspections and surveys, pioneering in the use of unmanned drone aircraft technology providing services to the Petroleum and Petrochemical industry for more than 15 years.

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